African Tent G

African Tent

AFRICAN TENT “Have an Experience of African Adventure” Experience African Tents in Jaisalmer An African themes based tent house which consists of 2 connected rooms and a common lobby which makes it look like a family suite. The tent also has the floor work of Golden Jaisalmer Stone. The washroom contains hot and cold running …

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Executive Cottage Tent F

Executive Cottage Tent

EXECUTIVE COTTAGE TENT “Expeience lifestyle of an Executive” Executive Cottage Tents in Jaisalmer These Cottage tents are one of the best kind of tents to be seen. The floor is made up of Golden Jaisalmer Stone which provides magnificent look to it and the concrete structure provides strength to the tents. Along with the AC …

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Mobile Tent B

Mobile Tents

MOBILE TENTS “Experience the gypsy life in Mobile Tents” Mobile Tents in Jaisalmer We offer an experience to enjoy under the clear night sky with the sight of twinkling stars at The Arabian Nights. Amidst our private dunes, lightening up the place using traditional methods provide the essence of living an age old historic life. …

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Swiss Luxury Tent C

Swiss Luxury Tent

SWISS LUXURY TENT “Enjoy the Swiss Luxury” Swiss Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer Royal Swiss Luxurious Tent, brings home charm and excitement of desert life at your doorstep. It is equipped with roll up windows and ethnic hand crafted furniture. Thick mattresses under your feet and the lavish canvas made from weather proof cotton in the …

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